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iControl is the product of an exhaustive engineering and development process that results in the perfect partner for fleet management on a day-to-day basis. It has the latest advances in software and hardware as well as wireless communication. It represents the key to enter a new world full of possibilities. A world where everything is connected to the internet.

We offer the ability to increase productivity and decrease security costs.

Developed on Cloud Computing technology that allows us to provide the system with the following advantages:

  • Access from any location
  • Access from any device
  • Greater ability to adapt
  • Protection and security of your data
  • Downtime reduction
  • Automatic Updates
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficient use of energy

Total control in real time

iControl has a powerful microprocessor capable of interacting with the user while communicating with the online server for the registration of work parameters.

Advance in safety

You decide who can use your machines, which makes it impossible for people outside your company to use the machinery.

Reduce costs up to 80%

Conscientious drivers translate into better use and reduction of blows, which means significant savings in terms of repairs and breakdowns.

Discover the properties of iControl

Turn your conventional machines into smart

Connect from anywhere and device (smartphone, tablet, PC).
Activity Control
Control the activity of your machines in real time (impacts, speed, hours, etc...).
Resources Control
Adapt your resources and the volume of your fleet to your real needs.
Productivity Increase
Help your Human Resources department by providing machine-driver productivity reports.
Access Management
Control who and when your machinery can be used (access by custom pin code).
Accident Prevention
Significant reduction of accidents due to more responsible drivers.
Total Control
Control and parameterization of the behavior of the machinery against impacts.
No Installation Needed
Forget expensive and complex fleet management applications.
Higher Profits
Thanks to iControl will increase safety and productivity while reducing your costs.

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Find out with no strings attached. Trust us and you will see how iControl adapts to your needs.

Secure access wherever you are

You only need a device that has an Internet connection

Speed reduction system (SRS)

SRS is a Speed Reduction System capable of reducing the speed of any machine by objects or by zones:

By objects: a direct reflection sensor locates the load at the requested distance and when it reaches that height it reduces the speed of the machine.

By zone: an infrared reflection sensor continuously emits a beam of light and when it passes by the placed reflectors reduces the speed of the machine. When it happens again, it returns to its initial speed.

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