At Grupo Industrial Electrón we have highly qualified technicians who are prepared to assist in all types of breakdowns or services, specialized in all the brands of the market and providing service at the national level.

In addition, we have extensive facilities for repairing forklifts, reconditioning them, changing wheels, etc. and mobile workshops that assist your facilities directly guaranteeing a quick and effective response.

We take this opportunity to remember that a good maintenance of the equipment is essential to prevent failures, save costs, extend the durability of the equipment and increase the productivity of your company.


Good maintenance on all equipment is vital for the operation, its useful life and cost savings. Our technicians are highly qualified to solve any type of maintenance and faults in any existing brand.

We advise having a maintenance adjusted to the needs of each client, always taking into account the use of the equipment in each installation, being able to adapt to one of the three types of maintenance:

This maintenance, as the name suggests, is mainly used to prevent breakdowns that can occur from any size and keep your equipment in good condition and conditions, not worrying about any type of problem.The maintenance fee stipulated in the contract and the part used for maintenance are invoiced. In the breakdowns, the labor and materials used are invoiced. The maintenance can be planned by specifying a specific date or hours of use of the machine.
This maintenance has the same purpose as preventive maintenance but in the stipulated maintenance fee, in addition, our workforce is included for all interventions, both maintenance and breakdowns, billing only the material used in the interventions. The maintenance can be planned by specifying a specific date or hours of use of the machine.
Do not worry about any incidence and maintenance. We take care with this maintenance that your equipment is always ready. Its periodicity will always be monthly. A maintenance fee stipulated in the contract is billed, which will include ALL.

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Find out without any obligation on the type of maintenance that suits your need and trust that'll do the rest.

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